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Good news: The number of projects approved by the National Natural Science Foundation has reached a record in 2016.

Release date:August 18, 2016  author:  edit:化工学院

Recently, the results of the National Natural Science Foundation project in 2016 were announced. A total of 13 projects were set up in Guizhou institute of technology, including 5 in the school of chemical engineering, 2 National Natural Science Regional Foundation projects, Professorial Fellows Ji Shan:Synthesis of 3D hierarchical-structured Ni/Co hydrogen generation catalysts using the two-phase interface method, and study of mechanisms underlying their catalytic activity, Associate Professor Wu Qijun:The selective and fast detection of copper ions and its relevant device; 3 National Natural Science Youth Foundation projects, Associate Professor Bai Song:Synthesis and Bioactivities of pyrimidine containing chiral β-amino ester moiety,Associate Professor Li ziwei:controlled synthesis and structure_effects study of Ni based core shell NiM@Ni_Mg silicate @CeO2nano catalysts for biogas reforming reaction,Associate Professor Ma Xianguo:Research on preparation, electrochemical performance and anchored sulphur mechanism of multi-functional water-based binder for lithium-sulfur batteries,funds for funded projects reached 1.41 million, with a record number of projects and funds in the school of chemical engineering.

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