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General situation of scientific research
发布日期:2018年02月01日  作者:  编辑:化工学院 

In the past five years, the scientific research foundation of school has been further strengthened and fruitful achievements have been achieved. The ability to serve the local economic and social development has been basically established.

The main research fields of the school are: (1) preparation, performance and application of new energy materials (solar energy, biomass, lithium electricity, hydrogen energy); (2) process research of traditional chemical industry (coal, phosphorus, fluorosilicon chemical industry) and solid waste treatment and utilization; (3) reaction control of chemical process;(4) applied Chemistry .

The school has three provincial-level and two school-level research platforms, and a "Analysis and Testing Center" to carry out scientific research. There are The 19 million RMB worth of equipment, including the preparation of materials, composition, structure, mesoscopic and microscopic, material performance evaluation and other large-scale instruments, such as SEM, XRD, FTIR, GC, GC-MS, LC, etc. in the shcool.

In the past five years, the faculties have undertaken about 60 research projects, including 12 National Natural Science Foundation projects, 20 provincial-level projects, and the research funding is more than 9 million RMB. There are 100 research papers were published, including 48 SCI and EI papers. 55 patents were applied,2 academic monographs were published. And the faculties have attended more than 30 academic conferences, including 3 international conferences. Academicians, experts and scholars from home and abroad are invited to our institute.

More than 10 enterprises, such as Guizhou Wengfu (Group) Co., Ltd., Guizhou Kaiphosphorus Group, Guizhou Jinchi Chemical Co., Ltd., Guizhou Jinyuan Weining Energy Development Co., Ltd., and Foshan Huate Gas Co., Ltd., etc, have established cooperative relations with the shcool.(Data as of 31 December 2017.)


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