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New Energy Science and Engineering
发布日期:2018年11月25日  作者:  编辑:化工学院 

Academic year: four years

Credit: No less than 165credits

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering

The cultivation goalof this majoris to cultivatehigh-quality practical engineering personnel with the sense of responsibility, abundant knowledge acquisition, good managerial skills, strong practical ability and power of innovation as the foundation of the university, and promoting the ability for national and regional development of economy and society as a way to strengthen the school.This major focuses on training students to grasp required general knowledge and basic skills, including energy science,thermology,electricity,autocontrolandsystems engineering.Students are required to possess new energy utilization,new energymaterial preparation and design, implementation, application, maintenance and management of PVand chemical power products and their system. Students arealsorequired to possess some abilities to analyze and design new energy PVand chemical powerproducts, master the way to produce, prepare and inspect ordinary new energy PVand chemical powerproducts and understand operation procedure, multiple properties and applications of various new energies PVand chemical powermaterials and systems as well as know some operation skills of equipment, appliances and system. They should own relevant capabilities to conduct scientific study, product design and management in various fields like new energy system engineering, PV material preparation, PV system engineering, chemicalpowertechnology and other related areas. Besides, they should keep pace with the subject frontier and its development trend and have a command of innovative thinking and the abilities to acquire and handle information.

Main courses

Introduction to New Energy Science and Engineering, Semiconductor Physics and Devices, physical chemistry,Principle of Single Chip Computer,Energy engineering management, New Energy Materials Science and Application Technology, Energy Storage Principle and Technology,Solar Photovoltaic Design,Chemical Power Technology (dual enrollment),New Energy Generation Technology,Smart Micro-grid


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